Meet Lisa Danielson. A Reading Therapist specializing in the Orton-Gillingham Reading Approach




Lisa is a Reading specialist and has been teaching for more than nine years. Helping children who are experiencing difficulty in reading is very personal to her.  As a mother of a special needs child, it was a very painful experience to watch her child strugggle and fail on a daily basis. She embarked on a mission to find the solution. Emboldened by a desire to find the best learning strategies for her child, she went back to school earning a Minnesota teaching license,a Masters Degree in Special Education, and extemsive training in the Orton-Gillingham reading curriculum. Thus, improving the condition of her dear child.


By breaking language down to individual speech sounds and building it back up systematically and sequentially allows children to learn language at their own pace.   When children experience success, reading is less of a chore, making it an enjoyable and stimulating activity.


If your child is a struggling reader, or you feel  your child needs more supplementary instruction in reading, contact Lisa and she might just have the next best thing that can happen to your child.




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